Week 12, November 29th

Week 12 Lesson Video

Copy and paste this link into a new window to watch this week's lesson video with Miss Missy! https://youtu.be/If2PcdnLHag

Celebrate Wonder Video: "Peaceable Kingdom"

"A Little Peace" Book Reading Video

"December 2016 Mr. Bender's Book of the Month: A Little Peace by Barbara Kerley," YouTube, uploaded by PS11 Showme, 20 December 2016, https://youtu.be/MwKRO5rQRAE.

"Peace is an Offering" Book Reading Video

"Peace is an Offering By Annette LeBox," YouTube, uploaded by Casey Swift, 10 September 2016, https://youtu.be/C1VgWgzjCOw.

All ages: Week 12 Worksheet 1

Ages 3-5: Week 12 Worksheet 2

Ages 6+: Week 12 Worksheet 2